An IT helpdesk is a web-based resource meant to give advice and support to the client or end user regarding the products and support of a business’s or organization’s technical products and services. The main purpose of an IT helpdesk is to answer questions related to hardware and software, networking, security, management, upgrades and maintenance. It also has features that allow users to submit suggestions and comments about products.

Many companies use IT helpdesks to increase organization productivity by easing problems faced by the staff

and easing problems that customers have in relation to technical support.

There are many types of IT helpdesk managers. In some cases, techs work as part of a team and answer questions posted by customers. The other type of IT helpdesk manager uses a telecommuting approach in which he or she works from a home office. Telecommuting technicians usually have IT degrees and are employed full time by a corporation or other organization with which they have contractual agreements. These technicians assist other IT help desk managers by conducting specialized training for customers who need it, usually in areas not covered in an employee’s normal job training curriculum. This is beneficial to both parties because the technician can instruct the customer in a more appropriate way and also help them understand why certain steps are being taken.

In other cases, IT helpdesk managers work as independent contractors. The positions available for independent helpdesk operators are very limited; typically only available to experienced telecommuters who have worked in customer service jobs in the past. Independent helpdesk operators usually operate out of their home office, answering calls from customers and conducting training in areas not covered by an IT help desk manager’s regular job training curriculum. These employees may work on contract to an IT help desk manager, who supervises their work and makes sure they follow the stipulated hours of operation.

Many new helpdesk managers start out at smaller companies where they work as part of a small team of techs. Telecommuting employees usually do not have the same benefits as their more established counterparts, and new helpdesk managers must learn about the difference between working in an office environment and a remote network. Some IT helpdesk technicians are happy in their current positions, but they sometimes need some additional training or an upgrade to skills that will allow them to better serve customers.

It’s easy for IT helpdesk managers to see how customer satisfaction can enhance their own careers. Knowing how to properly answer questions can make a real difference when it comes to closing a business and getting referrals. The ability to effectively communicate with customers, whether by phone, email or live chat has become very common in today’s business world. Customer service techs who know how to effectively communicate with customers can build a reputation that pays off in positive referrals and positive word of mouth.

An IT helpdesk solution like sherpadesk can also provide a valuable reference for larger companies

that might want to train their own techs. sherpadesk is also helpful for companies that are just starting to use telecommuting and those who might not have the staff to deal with customer questions and issues in person. By allowing customers to access a knowledge base of information from the comfort of their home, it is possible for smaller companies to expand their customer base while expanding their business. The ability to have a knowledge base available for employees on the go gives them more flexibility to keep up with the fast-paced nature of most businesses these days.

  • An IT helpdesk software package like sherpadesk also provides a knowledge base that is easy for employees to work on.
  • A knowledge base such as this allows for the quick development of new jobs and tasks,
  • It gives employees an opportunity to check on the information that is posted on the company website.

With the ability to access this knowledge base simply by clicking a few buttons, employees can get a lot more done in less time, increasing profitability and decreasing employee burnout.

IT helpdesk software can make life easier for both the customer and the provider of the support. By providing quick access to an existing knowledge base, a support package can be tailored to the needs of the customers. Using an IT helpdesk software package that includes customer-based solutions can greatly reduce resolution time and increase profitability.